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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Journey of an Artist-17,

I do not want to think much about all this: it is enough that I feel the fragrance of yellow mustard flowers and ripe mangoes rising from one end of my childhood to the other end of my life today. All is light. With swooning love I feel Ruhi and her sweet fragrance, her wondering, wandering large eyes flower my childhood once again. I am a Rimbaud rewriting the poetry not of my adolescence but of my childhood. My soul’s rainbow is the bridge spanning my childhood and my present. Love is fragrance; love is bringing lost time back to present ‘A la Cherche Temps Perdu’. It is not the Madeleine dipped in tea but the fragrance of Ruhi that brings back childhood to me. My hands explore her as infinity, indestructible by time or space. To love one has to create this infinity everyday of life....
(pages 28-29}