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Friday, July 17, 2009

Journey of an Artist-18,

We possess the indestructible soul. Is love not that soul, for what else can give meaning to life? To love is dedicated my life and in love I live and bloom. I am beginning the journey of my life that would take me to harbours in nameless oceans yet unknown to me. And Ruhi would soon renew herself in a new love, in a new man she would accost at the crossroads of her life. These are the destiny's winding streets. Still love stands outside of the fragility of time. I crossed the threshold of fragile into infinite when I loved. There was no coming back from beyond.
(page 29)

Monday, July 13, 2009

In search of Blue Sky

'Sing for me O song eternal, I waited in vales and in deserts burning, you are the fire love's yearning. Your lotus eyes bloom and the time withers. Blowing wind I settle in you, blow me to the shore unknown. I walk but not, yet your distances I close. I look in your rose fragrant eyes and my soul in your music grows. Hold my hand outside of ageing time; kiss me so that our souls coalesce. I waited for you before the beginning of time, till your fragrance I find it shall incubate an unborn child.'