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Monday, March 30, 2009

Beyond Ordinary Time--The Magus

Thanks Irini, you the Eternal soul from Greece. There was John Fowles the British novelist whose works I admire no less. My paintings and my art always draw on the literature that touched my soul with magic and humanity. The first novel by Fowles ‘The Magus’ is an excellent piece about reality and illusion. What is reality is basically illusion because it changes so fast and so quick that you are left stranded about the meaning of ‘reality’. What is created with imagination is called illusion and is more real because it is not touched by external forces. The Magus again is based in a beautiful island of Greece. The description of the landscape and the flora and fauna is so poetic in this novel that the spirit of the land touches you deep. The indeterminate end of the novel has a mystical aura. It is about the space occupied by the human imagination that creates great poetry, literature, paintings and sculptures. It poses questions about time. Time as you perceive in the moment or the past which you invent all the time. Fowels teases our rational logical mind and posits a world full of metaphysical, mystical nuances. What is real? The world of appearances or the one that emerges as a beautiful poem when you watch a scintillating sun set in the lovely Greek island I had a similar experiences many times including one in Istanbul when I saw the sun go down in Murmara Sea behind Blue Mosque. These are the stuff of spiritual experiences. My paintings and my literary writings have drawn robustly from such experiences. My ‘Journey of an Artist’ states, “It was the Shangri La of soul—never ageing or changing. This is what I inherited from my mother—‘what exists inside remains constant, forever fresh, and young.’ Outside, mechanical time brings about physical changes and decay but the spiritual, inner time is forever the same.”
These writings I have been adding regularly in my Literary Blog—

I reckon that the beauty of your lovely Greece is many times over when you see it with the eyes of a creative soul.

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