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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Journey of an Artist-16,

<“Hello,” I uttered not knowing after how long a time.
“I like this work,” she cooed in musical sonority. Are you also an artist? She queried.
“Yes,” I felt a primeval energy in her; I extended my hand as I introduced myself. Her long-fingered warm hand lingered in mine for a longer time as if transferring some sweet energy; may be so I felt or may be so it was.
“What do you do?” I asked.
“Well, I am final year student at art college and my name is Ruhi” she was sizing me up with her bright, electric, lively eyes.
“Oh! That’s great! I pressed her hand softly introducing myself and asking if she would have some wine.
“That will be nice”
I picked two glasses, proffering one to her.
Together we explored the whole exhibition, discussing the fine nuances of each work. People were talking animatedly; the gallery overflowed with life, all existed in the moment. Sounds of rustling clothes mingled with that of glasses, peoples’ voices with smells of different perfumes they wore, aroma of snacks with wine, and all this with the drama of life. I became oblivious to the life around me, other than the joy of the company of this sunflower-girl. She smiled often as we talked. Her smile covered the whole space and floated beyond.

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