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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Journey of an Artist-19, forthcoming book by Viktor Vijay

The glorious peaks of Himalayas looked so serene and stately that I forgot the arduous track that I had been walking on for five days. The valley through which was this track is very picturesque—flowing water rivulets, verdant forests, fragrance of wild flowers, wind coursing through valleys, and meditative-blue sky. On the way, I had come across dangerous landslides caused by rains. I forded swift flowing emerald green river in some places, at others crossed on precariously hanging ancient wooden bridges. Melodious singing waterfalls accosted me, sweet chorus of birds welcomed me, and pleasant sunshine treated me to its hospitable warmth. I was resting on a rock to recruit more energy for the next incline that seemed quite daunting. Just then, I noticed someone walking up the track.

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